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Services for Growups

Consulting services for existing businesses

The City of Kuopio Business Development Services can help you when your business is planning to develop its operations or expand into new market areas within Finland or abroad. The services are tailored to the client’s needs. Our goal is to enable the target companies to undergo strong, managed growth through intensive cooperation. Our advisors provide help with everything related to developing a business, such as:

  • Funding
  • Business growth
  • Internationalization
  • Product development and research
  • Networking

Kuopio Business Development Services is a direct link for companies to the City’s services. We will tell you how things are handled, and, if required, we will carry out research on your behalf.

  • Permits, planning
  • Business sites
  • Vacant business premises, construction of premises and related issues
  • Business services of the municipalities that have merged with Kuopio
  • Company registers
  • Location services in Kuopio
  • Development of the city centre

Instant Help for Entrepreneurs

Instant Help for Entrepreneurs is a free, low-threshold advice service that is available without an appointment. On-the-spot help is given by business consulting and training experts. Each client will receive about 20 minutes for a personal consultation with an expert. The service is provided by Kuopion Yrittäjät, Savon Yrittäjät, Kuopio Business Development Services, Kuopio Region Enterprise Agency, Savo Vocational College and Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd. Instant Help started on 10 January 2017 and will continue for the time being.

Instant Help for Entrepreneurs every Tuesday (JAN-MAY), 8.00–10.00am (Aapeli Shopping Centre, Kauppakatu 28 B, 2nd floor, entrance at street level on the corner of Kauppakatu and Hallikatu).

Microgrow network to support growth and internationalization

A network of microenterprises has started in the Kuopio region, whereby companies are given a new opportunity for profitable growth, positive visibility and strong growth support. The network meets monthly. Goal is to solve concrete problems that the company has on the growth path. More information (in Finnish)

YritysKuopio network

YritysKuopio network provides services for the entrepreneurship and business development in the Kuopio region. The aim is to promote and strengthen the development, growth and internationalization of business life. The partnership agreement was signed in the spring of 2017. The network includes Kuopio Business Development Services, Kuopio Region Enterprise Agency, Kuopion Yrittäjät, Savon Yrittäjät, Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd, University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. For more information: Anna-Liisa Martikainen, Kuopio City Business Service, anna-liisa.martikainen (at) kuopio.fi, 044 718 4903.

Yritystulkki for guides to help you work independently

Yritystulkki provides guides for everyday business situations. The guides help you plan your company’s finances and operations, draw up contracts and complete the necessary forms. Use of Yritystulkki is free of charge. Kuopio Business Development Services provides the service for the region’s entrepreneurs. Read more

A Business Learns and Succeeds

A Business Learns and Succeeds (YOM) is a service that looks for the real training needs of companies. The two-year project provides companies with low-cost, subsidised training in North Savo based on a skill assessment. A Business Learns and Succeeds delves into the growing importance of digitalisation in the operations of SMEs. Read more

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