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World class business ecosystem for pulp and forest products

Kuopio region is home to a highly educated workforce that specializes in the commercialization of bio-based technologies and features a highly integrated bioeconomy, with new and innovative bio products finding their way into industrial applications. Through various efforts that take advantage of these competitive strengths, the Kuopio region’s forest products sector is well on its way to consolidate its status as a global player in the growing bioeconomy. Leading bioproducts produced in Kuopio include soft pulp, energy, biofuels and chemicals.  The region’s most important companies in this sector include Mondi Powerflute, Finnharvest and forest machine manufacturer Ponsse.

Strong education programs for bioeconomy coupled with robust research and company business ecosystems make the Kuopio region a prime location for business development, product development, and manufacturing of new bio-based products. Kuopio region offers foreign direct investors unique advantages in the pulp and other forest product industry. Eastern Finland has one of the world largest biomass resources per capita. Kuopio has access to a diverse wealth of feedstock, ranging from crops, trees and waste material.

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Martti Fredrikson
Martti Fredrikson, CEO, Finnpulp

“Kuopio locates in the middle of Finnish forest resources. Kuopio maintains a strong forestry ecosystem with private forests, harvesting, logistics services and education. All secondary level professional schools have a long experience in the education of forest farming and harvesting. Also, the University of Eastern Finland has taken it as a part of their programs, which is very important.“