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A full value chain in renewable energy from raw material handling to end-products

Kuopio region is an active developer of bioenergy technology and use. There is full coverage of the value chain from raw material handling and processing to end-products. In the biogas sector, Kuopio has attracted innovative technology companies for process piloting and upscaling as well as a unique gasification plant.

The Kuopio biogas plant processes, operated by Gasum sludge from local wastewater treatment plants, separately collected and packaged biowaste, and food industry side streams. One of the plant’s specific feedstocks consists of major quantities of dairy industry side streams. This plant also has its own separate pre-processing lines for separately collected and packaged biowaste. Biogas produced at the plant is transmitted via a local gas pipeline to the CHP engine of an energy company located a few kilometers away, where the gas is used to generate electricity and heat. The plant’s sanitized digestate as well as the solid digestate obtained from the centrifuges is used as a fertilizer product in agriculture. Some of the reject water obtained from the centrifuges is used for dilution at the plant’s feedstock reception as well as a wastewater nutrient in the pulp industry.

The new Savilahti smart city district is an excellent location for testing and developing new kinds of renewable energy sources. Due to the location and the geological traits of the district, the new buildings use a combination of solar and geothermal energy. Smart energy grids are a key enabler for building the Savilahti smart city district. This development, combined with Kuopio’s world-leading investments in smart technologies for energy industry has put us at the forefront as we enter the Smart Grid era.

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Martti Fredrikson
Martti Fredrikson, CEO, Finnpulp

“Kuopio locates in the middle of Finnish forest resources. Kuopio maintains a strong forestry ecosystem with private forests, harvesting, logistics services and education. All secondary level professional schools have a long experience in the education of forest farming and harvesting. Also, the University of Eastern Finland has taken it as a part of their programs, which is very important.“