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Sustainable investments in functional foods and natural health products

Functional foods and natural health products are emerging as strong products, and investors rely on Finland’s abundant agricultural product base, its network of research facilities dedicated to innovation, and a collaborative environment supported by the government, universities, health institutions and industry.

The University of Eastern Finland with its clinical nutrition research is a sought-after partner for better understanding of food products related to health and wellbeing. The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has its pilot facilities in Kuopio for milk and dairy production. The Kuopio area is Finland’s largest producer of milk, which is one of the key food clusters in Finland. Other areas of unique expertise in food and nutrition sciences in Kuopio include gut microbiota, metabolomics, safety, nutrition and health.

The food science cluster is divided into three main research and development areas:


Wild Berries

The unique taste of our wild berries meets innovative food solutions

Milk and Dairy

The future of milk and dairy products

Sustainable Food

Become a global leader in sustainable food

Samuli Huuhtanen
Samuli Huuhtanen, CEO, RPS Brewing and RPS Roastery

“As remigrant I feel that Kuopio is very good place for families. That's why we are here and that's why my co-workers are here that’s why our company is here. We also feel that business ecosystem in Kuopio Area gives good support for new entrepreneurs in food and beverage industry.”