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The future of milk and dairy products

The dairy industry is instrumental in providing nutritional food. To be competitive in the future, the dairy industry will have to fulfill increasing societal demands for more sustainable and secure production. The future of dairy depends on building a sustainable industry through investment across the dairy supply chain, from farmers to retailers and consumers. An increasing focus on health and climate change demands better food production and healthier foods in general as well as the development of milk and dairy products.

Kuopio region is the largest raw milk producing region in Finland, and this has attracted several dairy industry companies to benefit from these resources. Companies include Valio, Maitomaa and Juustoportti. To stay competitive, the industry requires the use of new technology to handle future challenges and to improve efficiency and effectiveness in food production.

Consumer wants sustainable agriculture compared to nature, environment and social issues. Food production and processing have to be in compliance with these wishes to produce and sell food products with a high environmental profile.

The capital investments in the dairy sector can increase efficiency and production capacity and contribute to incomes, infrastructure and employment. Education for the development of milk and dairy industry is critical. The talent pool in the dairy industry needs experts in chemistry, process engineering, ICT as well as more traditional food experts. Local education is answering this demand, and Kuopio has several ongoing education programs and research projects, e.g., the regional Food Valley ecosystem project, as well as research projects at Natural Resources Institute Finland.

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Samuli Huuhtanen
Samuli Huuhtanen, CEO, RPS Brewing and RPS Roastery

“As remigrant I feel that Kuopio is very good place for families. That's why we are here and that's why my co-workers are here that’s why our company is here. We also feel that business ecosystem in Kuopio Area gives good support for new entrepreneurs in food and beverage industry.”