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The unique taste of our wild berries meets innovative food solutions

A unique feature of the Kuopio business environment is the availability of our natural resources and the cultivation of berries. All our stakeholders work together to consolidate Kuopio’s position as a prime location for food technology companies.

The bright Northern summer ripens a luscious harvest of berries in Finland’s forests and bogs every year, and anyone who spends time in nature can benefit from them. An average of 8 kg of wild berries is consumed per person per year in Finland. The annual crop of forest berries is 500 million kilos in the country, and just 3-10 % of this is picked and consumed. Foreign markets, including Asian markets, are showing increased interest in Finnish berries and products.

Expertise in Kuopio region have enabled new technological approaches to bring wild food production from forests to modern cultivation and further processing. There are several partners for the food industry in the area. SavoGrow in Suonenjoki operates a berry research centre, which offers development and expert services for the berry industry. In addition, the ecosystem includes research and development partners at University of Eastern Finland and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Savo Vocational College, SavoGrow, Natural Resources Institute Finland, experienced companies and also some innovative startup solutions to collaborate with.

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Samuli Huuhtanen
Samuli Huuhtanen, CEO, RPS Brewing and RPS Roastery

“As remigrant I feel that Kuopio is very good place for families. That's why we are here and that's why my co-workers are here that’s why our company is here. We also feel that business ecosystem in Kuopio Area gives good support for new entrepreneurs in food and beverage industry.”