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Platform services with business opportunities

The platform economy and services are economic and social activities facilitated by platforms. Typical transaction platforms are also known as digital matchmakers. A second type is the innovation platform, which provides a common technology framework upon which others can build. Examples of Kuopio region’s platforms include possibilities for data centers in the Savilahti area, smart city and digital services.

In Kuopio region, different platforms provide new business opportunities. For example, Kuopio University Hospital and City of Kuopio offer health data services and business development via the Kuopio data lake, where health data records, images, and other information is stored. Some companies from the Kuopio region offer cloud services as turnkey solutions for several industries to support them and get them ready for the whole journey: from planning and assessment to design and implementation and then all the way to maintenance and support.

A unique aspect of the Kuopio data lake is integrated data from social data to basic and special healthcare data. This data along with analytics can be provided to customers (Pharma companies, data developers and public partners), for example, via the East Finland Biobank and nationally through the FinnGen project where genomic data of 500 000 Finns is integrated into health records.

The platform services cluster is divided into two main business and development areas:



ICT partnerships and digital development

Business Support Services

Comprehensive talent pool for business support services

Janne Mönkkönen Enterprise Architect, Tieto
Janne Mönkkönen Enterprise Architect, Tieto

“There is a lot of knowledge and expertise on healthcare and wellbeing areas of ICT and research in Kuopio area. Over the times this has created a community of health ICT and service companies and startups around Kuopio area which again aggregates and attracts professionals and students to this area. The university hospital plays a big role and contributes greatly to Kuopio area knowledge and expertise landscape in healthcare ICT area. Currently Tieto employs 180 people in Kuopio and has good possibilities to engage more ICT professionals if needed.”