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ICT partnerships and digital development

Digitalization is the megatrend in all businesses, and Kuopio region’s expertise fulfills this demand by having a strong ICT ecosystem and partnerships for digital development. ICT operators from Kuopio region offer solutions from data analytics and business intelligence to turnkey cloud solutions with strong programming professionals.

Kuopio region’s ICT companies such as Tieto and Enfo are well established and have a very strong reference base. Digitalization of the manufacturing industry provides a strong local customer base for ICT businesses and is one of the largest digitalization segments in Finland. For example, the startup company Kiho is now showing strong growth and is beginning to enter the global market for job management systems, after establishing a strong local presence first.

Investments for new education programs at Savonia University of Applied Sciences and University of Eastern Finland provide new resources for the growing needs of ICT businesses in our region.

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Janne Mönkkönen Enterprise Architect, Tieto
Janne Mönkkönen, Enterprise Architect, Tieto

“There is a lot of knowledge and expertise on healthcare and wellbeing areas of ICT and research in Kuopio area. Over the times this has created a community of health ICT and service companies and startups around Kuopio area which again aggregates and attracts professionals and students to this area. The university hospital plays a big role and contributes greatly to Kuopio area knowledge and expertise landscape in healthcare ICT area. Currently Tieto employs 180 people in Kuopio and has good possibilities to engage more ICT professionals if needed.”