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Fundamental cleantech needs of modern society

In Kuopio region, cleantech is a growing new business area. There are hundreds of cleantech experts specializing in water, air and other recycling technologies. Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and Geological survey of Finland are involved in a nationwide cleantech program specializing in mining water management and technologies.

The key topics of the Kuopio cleantech area include the development of aerosol characterisation techniques, the effect of particle properties, the connections between particle chemical composition, toxicology and health effects. The development of climate models in cooperation with other groups involved in the Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science has also focused on the interplay between climate change laws, climate change and human health. Savonia University of Applied Sciences specializes in water expertise with deep cleantech solutions to create new digital methods for making the process more effective and improving its management. The topics under research include limited and dynamic chemical systems, industrial concentrates, bioprocesses and their impact on process chemistry, and new types of hybrid applications.

Our special talents also focus on water, agriculture, air and environmental knowhow. UEF’s Aerosols, Climate Change and Human Health research is internationally known to be the best in the world, with hundreds of key opinion papers and distinguished researchers. These key innovations are creating new knowhow needed to understand and fulfill the fundamental needs of modern society. The green economy is going to require new assets to build, rebuild and maintain the western world’s infrastructure, where cleantech plays a major role.

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Anssi Lehikoinen, Chairman of the Board, Rocsole

”Kuopio's business environment is excellent for the IT industry. Our business is strongly based on research and expertise at the Department of Applied Physics, University of Kuopio. This connection has enabled long-standing, careful and successful product development in the highly demanding oil and gas industry. It has contributed to our business receiving significant venture capital funding from established companies. With these strengths, we are aiming for robust global growth.”