Business Kuopio


A prime location for high-value manufacturing

High-value manufacturing, including machinery, automation, energy and material technology: by numbers, these form the most influential business ecosystem in Kuopio region. More than half of the region’s exports come from the manufacturing industry.

Large international companies such as Ponsse, Normet and Junttan have their headquarters in the Kuopio region. The business ecosystem is strongly supported by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Savo Vocational College and other regional partners, who offer supporting and education services for a skilled workforce that is available to the manufacturing industry.

A unique feature of the Kuopio business environment is the productive collaboration between industry, academia and city agencies. These stakeholders work together to consolidate Kuopio’s position as a knowledge-based economy and as a prime location for high-value manufacturing incorporating Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I).

Global companies choose Kuopio as a manufacturing location because of our highly skilled workforce, low tax and pro-business environment. The manufacturing sector has undergone enormous changes in the last twenty years. Globalisation, technological advances and the growth of emerging market economies have driven ever-increasing competition.

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