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Tahko is an international venue where people and companies meet

Tahko is a considered a wonderful place to spend holidays for families, friends or just alone enjoying the peacefulness of pure Finnish nature in all seasons. Tahko is a resort with a long history and experience in providing high-quality and diverse services in the very heart of Finnish Lakeland with clean lakes and snowy slopes.

Tahko is an international venue where people and companies meet. It is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit and getting things done. Several Tahko entrepreneurs are active regional developers, and Tahko has strong references for attracting new investments. Tahko offers complete cooperation and expertise networks, the best of their kind in travel and tourism businesses.

Key business players in Tahko work in cooperation to develop the region and its business environment. It is easy to partner with them, given their long history of collaboration. Full of snowy hills and green valleys, pristine forests with berries and mushrooms, and clean lakes full of fish – this is not a dream, this is Tahko!

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Ari Vuorentausta, CEO Lapland Hotels

“Lakeland area is potentially next new growing destination in Finland. Opening in Kuopio develops our hotel network coverage, which helps us both in corporate sales and in company brand awareness.”