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Facts & Figures

Kuopio has grown very vigorously in recent years and is one of the most dynamic cities in Finland, whether measured in terms of house building, attraction, jobs or population growth. Kuopio’s growth has been especially rapid in the 2010s.

  • Kuopio has around 120,000 inhabitants, while nearly one million people live in the city’s area of influence. The City of Kuopio is the 9th largest city in Finland.
  • The Kuopio region is home to over 7,000 companies, providing around 52,000 workplaces.
  • More than 200 of the companies in North Savo are export companies, and about 300 import companies.
  • When comparing different regions, North Savo is at the top conserning economic growth.
  • Total combined turnover of the companies at €2500 million from January 2019 to May 2019.
  • The city of Kuopio has 15 twin cities around the world.

The rate of growth will only accelerate, and here are some examples:

  • A new district for 36,000 residents, workers and students is being built in Savilahti of Kuopio involving investments a total of one billion euros.
  • Total investment value of the city’s development projects is €4 billion.
  • The University of Eastern Finland is the country’s broadest university and is annually ranked among the best universities in the world.
  • Tahko, Finland’s fourth biggest downhill ski centre, is nowadays part of Kuopio.
  • Kuopio is at the forefront in health, wellness and safety expertise. An example of this is the Human Security Finland network, which won one of the 2016 European Enterprise Promotion Awards.

Connections & Distances

•  The airport is located only 14 km from the city centre.
•  Railway station is located in the city centre, the connections function between south and north and east and west
•  The Finnish highway no. 5 (from Helsinki to Lapland) runs via Kuopio
•  Distance to Russia border  300 km
•  Distance to Stockholm  620 km
•  Distance to Lapland  500 km
•  Distance to Helsinki  390 km, 40-60 min by airplane

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