Business Kuopio

Business Kuopio

Business Kuopio is a partner for businesses

Business Kuopio brings together the services provided by the City of Kuopio to companies and the support of an active partner network. Our vision is to be the best Nordic community for growth-oriented businesses.

“Success stories are born when they have freedom to grow. In Kuopio you can build your own story in a unique atmosphere – with courage, creativity, and using your own strengths.”


Kuopio has the second largest migratory pull force. When studying migration power, Oulu and Jyväskylä, among others, remained behind. Regional researcher Timo Aro explains that when talking about Kuopio's attractiveness, it means how attractive Kuopio is to the eyes of the residents of the outer municipality. According to him, Eastern Finland relifies the growth of Kuopio, and Siilinjärvi supports the growth.

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Kuopio Goes Slush 16.11.2022! Teemana Future Food Tech, ja mukana mm. Solar Foods, Paulig Innovation Incubator PINC ja Nordic Foodtech VC. Katso ohjelma ja ilmoittaudu mukaan! https://t.co/VpFUGuYdih @KasveLtd @kuopiohealth @kuopiochamber @KPYNovapolis #businesskuopio https://t.co/YkVH31irRU BusinessKuopio photo
Finnish healthtech startup Adamant Health teams up with German medtech company Gerresheimer to improve the care for people with Parkinson's disease. https://t.co/YIJVLiBDQf #adamanthealth #Kuopio