Business Kuopio

Business Kuopio

BusinessKuopio creates the conditions for business growth and development

BusinessKuopio invests heavily in facilitating business operations and provides an attractive environment for both new and existing businesses. Kuopio’s wide-ranging business services and developing environment creates supportive platform to growth for experts and companies as well as opportunities for investors. Kuopio is growing and developing – Join in the growth!

Success stories are born when they have freedom to grow. In Kuopio you can build your own story in a unique atmosphere – with courage, creativity, and using your own strengths.

Do business where growth is a force of nature!

119 375

Kuopio is one of the most dynamic cities when it comes to residential development, attractiveness, job opportunities and population growth. Kuopio has almost 120,000 inhabitants. The exact number at the end of 2019 was 119 375.

Kuopio by numbers


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