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Photonics, the physical science and technology of light, is a rapidly growing industry in Finland with a 20 % annual growth. The applications of photonics vary from optics and lasers to imaging and camera lenses. There are currently over 200 companies in the photonics industry in Finland, and several new startups are founded each year. Some of the companies focus on the domestic market and some are more export oriented.

Photonics Finland network is part of the international EPRISE – Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe program. Recently, the University of Eastern Finland received 8.2 million funding from Academy of Finland Flagship programme, together with the University of Tampere, Aalto University and VTT for photonics research.

In Kuopio area, one of the most renowned photonics companies is Oplatek Group, developing innovative optics solutions. Meet us at the Future Healthcare 2019, at stand D34!

Oplatek Group

Oplatek is the leading Nordic solutions provider in photonics – providing contract manufacturing of specialty optical fibers, thin film coatings, molded glass components and assemblies.

Oplatek is seeking business in the UK with manufacturers of healthcare devices and analyzers using photonics.

For further information: Oplatek Group Oy
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