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Unforgettable experiences and international attractions

Leppävirta is a very popular destination that is situated along Highway 5 between Kuopio and Varkaus. The central location, beautiful nature and versatile services offer new experiences to travellers.

Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis is an active supercentre located in the centre of Leppävirta. The hotel, spa, versatile opportunities to enjoy sport and events provide a range of unforgettable experiences. Activities are also provided by Leppis Adventure Park and Travel Center Unnukka by the shore.

One of the specialities of Vesileppis is its world of snow, a stone cave mined 30 metres underground that contains the Ski Arena and the Moomin Ice Cave, both of which are international attractions. This snowy venue was made possible by the strong snow-how in Pohjois-Savo. Making and storing snow and sculpting ice are skills that appeal to people around the world. Businesses that possess strong snow-how include SnowTek, Snow Secure and Fantasia Works.

The entire area of Vesileppis is a growing, constantly developing entity. The beautiful harbour and excellent location are full of potential. The ongoing tourism project in the area of Vesileppis aims to discover new actors and bring investments into the region.