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Why Kuopio?

Kuopio is growing and developing – join in the growth!

Kuopio combines a great business environment, a wide range of education and research expertise, cultural services and the opportunity to live among nature. Strong international networks provide possibilities for companies in healthcare technology and the biotech, medical and environmental sectors, as well as for cooperation in travel, education and culture.

Kuopio is one of the most dynamic cities in Finland in terms of residential construction, attractiveness, job opportunities and population growth. Kuopio has around 120,000 inhabitants, while nearly one million people live in the city’s area of influence. The city is home to over 5,400 companies, providing around 50,000 workplaces. More than 200 of the companies in Northern Savo are export companies.

A new city district, focusing on research, studies, business and living, is currently being built in Savilahti near the city centre, and investments are total of one billion euros in the development. There are also significant plans to invest in the forest industry in the area.

Development of the healthcare technology, biotech, medical and environmental sectors, as well as ICT expertise, have led to the creation of numerous startup and growth companies in the city, providing excellent opportunities for investors.

All elements are in place in Kuopio, including health and wellbeing services as well as culture, recreation and living. The Saaristokaupunki district, surrounded by nature, is one example of ideal Finnish living. Also the Kuopio-Tahko area is one of the country’s largest year-round tourism centres.

Kuopio is a city of events. Interesting annual events give a rhythm to the year: Finland Ice Marathon, Kuopio Dance Festival, Sunsets Kuopio, Kuopio Rockcock, International Wine festival, Anti Festivaali, Kuopio juhlii ym.

A beautiful, natural environment near workplaces, the city centre and a wide range of services makes Kuopio an attractive place to live, a city providing true quality of life.

Kuopio Convention Bureau Ltd is Kuopio’s new conference marketing company, whose task is to promote and support the growth of domestic and international conference tourism in the region. The company has a large group of partners consisting of travel businesses and actors in the academic world. Kuopio Convention Bureau Ltd is a subsidiary of Kuopio-Tahko Markkinointi Ltd and began operating on 1 January 2017.

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