Business Kuopio


Why Kuopio?

Developing business and research environment in Kuopio enables the new future names, innovative startups and growth-oriented businesses to success.

Kuopio is one of the most dynamic cities in Finland in terms of residential construction, attractiveness, job opportunities and population growth. Kuopio combines a great business environment, a wide range of education and research expertise, cultural services and the opportunity to live among nature. Due to its versatility, Kuopio, the city of 120,000 inhabitants is like a metropol squeezed together. Kuopio ranks in top two in studies between the largest cities in Finland, in terms of image and willingness to recommend and entrepreneur positiveness.

Business Kuopio’s mission is to help both new and growing businesses to develop and internationalize, and to create the best Nordic community for growth-oriented businesses.

A beautiful, natural environment near workplaces, the city centre and a wide range of services makes Kuopio an attractive place to live, a city providing true quality of life.