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The number of businesses in Kuopio is continuously rising – there are currently about 5,400 businesses employing 50,000 people. More than 200 of the companies are export companies. Kuopio combines a great business environment, a wide range of education and research expertise. Strong international networks, such as with Shanghai-Pudong, provide possibilities for companies in healthcare technology and the biotech, medical and environmental sectors, as well as for cooperation in travel, education and culture. Develop your business by finding new business partners.

The network search below enables you to find those actively involved in Kuopio’s business collaboration, partners and international networks. You can search by typing a word or selecting a category.

East & North Finland EU office

Follow up relevant EU policies and legislative developments and influence them according to the needs of East and North Finland.


EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community established in 1999, gathering over 150 member organizations in more than 50 countries today. EBAN represents a sector estimated to invest 11.4 billion Euros a year and playing a vital role in Europe’s future, notably in the funding of SMEs. EBAN’s purpose is to create and lead the European business angel networks as well as individual business angels. EBAN supports e.g. young innovative companies, business accelerators and e-funding platforms and encourages the exchange of experience among early stage investors as well as “best practice”. Cooperation with EBAN will be carried out through different kinds of activities and events.

EIP AHA – European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing

Bringing together key stakeholders (end users, public authorities, industry); all actors in the innovation cycle, from research to adoption (adaptation), along with those engaged in standardisation and regulation. The partnership provides these actors with a forum in which they can cooperate, united around a common vision that values older people and their contribution to society, identify and overcome potential innovations barriers and mobilise instruments.

EIP Smart Cities and Communities

Brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions. This includes applied innovation, better planning, a more participatory approach, higher energy efficiency, better transport solutions, intelligent use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), etc.

Human Security Finland

The national network Human Security Finland (HSF) aims to recognise the needs and trends in developing countries. Finnish companies (around 70) and experts are encouraged to target their activities to create a framework that can promote cooperation in developing countries and crisis regions. Activities incorporate education, business and research into the framework of human security. Human Security Finland promotes export and internationalisation of the companies together with Team Finland. HSF is coordinated by Savonia University of Applied Sciences from Dec 2016. For further information jyri.wuorisalo(at)savonia.fi.

Kuopio area marketing

North Savo has combined the forces in marketing to growth the awareness and attractiveness. Together we’ll achieved more. In Kuopio area the marketing objective is to strengthen the knowledge-based image and increase the attractiveness of the area. Target groups are young people and students, professionals and experts as well as the movers.  The whole region needs young people and students to whom we need to tell about Kuopio area’s excellent education possibilities.

Kuopio Convention Bureau

Kuopio Convention Bureau Ltd is Kuopio’s new conference marketing company, whose task is to promote and support the growth of domestic and international conference tourism in the region. The company has a large group of partners consisting of travel businesses and actors in the academic world. Kuopio Convention Bureau Ltd is a subsidiary of Kuopio-Tahko Markkinointi Ltd and began operating on 1 January 2017.

Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce

The voice of business with a proactive approach. The Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce promotes and defends the interests of the business community in Kuopio region. Our chamber is established in 1918. It is one of the fastest growing Chambers of Commerce in Finland with over 800 members including all the leading companies of the region. Our members represent a variety of fields, e.g. industry, trade, services, educational institutes and administration, which enables an effortless co-operation and excellent networking opportunities between the different sectors and influencers of the industrial and commercial world.

Kuopio-Tahko Markkinointi

Tahko Holiday Resort and the city of Kuopio founded a joint marketing organisation, Kuopio–Tahko Markkinointi Oy, in December, 2013. The company vision is to develop and strengthen the existing marketing concept by joint promotion of the unique lakeside city and the multi-functional resort. The organization includes shareholders and representatives of the local enterprises.

KuopioHealth – Open Innovation Ecosystem

KuopioHealth is a network of healthcare professionals committed to advancing health technology expertise, research, business life and awareness of the area. Kuopio Health promotes development, research and innovation based on customer needs and serves as a platform for new products and services. KuopioHealth is an open innovation platform enabling co-creation and transfer of knowledge and technologies for the benefit of society. www.kuopiohealth.fi

Savo Consortium for Education

Savo Consortium for Education is composed of Savo Vocational College and Varkaus Upper secondary School. Savo Vocational College is a regional vocational institute located in the heart of the beautiful lake district in Eastern Finland. Savo Vocational College arranges vocational education and training for school leavers and adults, whereas Varkaus Upper Secondary School provides general upper secondary education. Savo Vocational College also provides apprenticeship training. In addition, the college is an active partner to local business life.

Shanghai Pudong New Area, the People’s Republic of China

Pudong is a district of Shanghai, China, located east of the Huangpu River. Its total area is over 530 square meters and total population is over 5 million people. The Pudong area continues to experience rapid development, especially in the commercial sector. The area has attracted considerable fixed asset and real estate investments. Pudong is Kuopio’s sister city.

Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co Ltd., Pudong

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is a technology park in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. The park specializes in research in life sciences, software, semiconductors, and information technology. The Park’s two leading industries are information technology and modern biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, and its principal focus is to develop innovation and entrepreneurship.

University of Eastern Finland

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Services is an organisation of experts supporting and promoting the commercialisation of research findings and expertise emerging from the University of Eastern Finland. We work in cooperation with the university’s research groups and business and industry in evaluating the commercial potential of research, and we facilitate knowledge transfer to support the birth of new business activities and entrepreneurship.

WHO Healthy Cities Network

Consists of cities around the WHO European Region that are committed to health and sustainable development, nearly 100 cities and towns from 30 countries.

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