Business Kuopio


Technology for our most important natural resource

The Kuopio region is known for its strong, multidisciplinary expertise and research in water. The focus areas of the research and development carried out by the Department of Environmental Engineering at Savonia University of Applied Sciences are water safety and bioprocesses. The applied RDI in water safety focuses on water monitoring and simulation methods and the development and testing of purification technologies. The key areas of application are communal water supply, agriculture and industries with high water consumption, such as mining and the pulp and paper industry. As for bioprocesses, the focus is on developing new applications especially for converting organic industrial waste streams into energy and bio raw materials with the help of microbiological processes.

Savonia UAS, University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) are also part of the Finnish Mine Water Competence Network. Savonia UAS, VTT and Finnish Water Forum are also involved in promoting the introduction of digital technologies and cybersecurity in waterworks.

Kuopio is an ideal location for businesses and research institutes in the water technology sector. All the regional actors try to meet the needs of the modern society through research and strong business collaboration and create new understanding and innovations to help build a more sustainable world. Kuopio Water Cluster (KWC), the ecosystem of water expertise in Pohjois-Savo region, focuses on RDI in the water sector and offers effective product development, testing and commercialization services for companies operating in the water technology sector.

Several promising startups in water research and development have emerged in recent years, such as 3AWater and Preventos Informatics, to mention a couple.

Tuomo Nissinen, CEO, 3AWater

“It was natural for us to establish the company here in Kuopio back in 2019. The proximity of UEF campus was important for us since part of our research and development work is still done in UEF facilities. The educational services such as the university and Savonia University of Applied Sciences can also produce quality talents for future employees. Start-up and high technology business scene is rising in Kuopio. We believe this will make the area even more attractive for high quality work force, investments and companies.”