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The Kuopio region is a well-known hub of bioenergy knowledge

Wood-based biomaterials are a key element of the future prospects of bioenergy in the Kuopio region. Research organizations and businesses are developing biodiesel fuels, energy storage systems and automation. The region is home to major companies that make biofuel boilers, such as Andritz and KPA Unicon.

The Gasum biogas plant in Kuopio processes sludge from local wastewater treatment plants, separately collected and packaged biowaste and food industry side streams. The plant also utilizes substantial quantities of dairy industry side streams. The biogas produced at the plant is transmitted via a gas pipeline to be used in the cogeneration of heat and power by Kuopion Energia.

Located in Leppävirta, Riikinvoima Ekovoimalaitos is Finland’s most effective eco powerplant that promotes circular economy. It incinerates 140 000 tons of waste per year from eastern and central Finland and Kainuu to produce electricity (80 GWh per year) and district heating (170 GWh per year). The eco powerplant utilizes the energy contained in waste in a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way. The operations also promote waste sorting and recycling and the reuse of recoverable materials.

Relocating businesses are offered RDI assistance with networking and the piloting of new approaches and services e.g. at Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland

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