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Starting Businesses

Join the best Nordic community for growth-oriented businesses and launch a startup in Kuopio! Business Kuopio serves startups throughout the life cycle of a company from starting a company to developing it later on.

  • Starting a company
  • Testing and developing the business idea
  • Business and financial advice
  • Events and training
  • Looking for premises or a plot?
  • Networks
  • Public procurement

Starting a company

If you are planning on starting a company, you should start gathering the information that you need by taking part in informative events for entrepreneurs at Messi in Apaja Shopping Centre.

At these events, experts provide useful tips for planning a business. From there, you may go on to a personal consultation either at the Enterprise Agency or with the Startup Advisors of the Business Development Services.

Testing and developing the business idea

The Business Center is an innovative community aiming to boost business activities and economic growth in the North Savo region by offering entrepreneurship education and training, together with services generating growth, innovation and increased networking of businesses.

The community consists of UEF, Savonia, Sakky, YSAO and the Business Development Services of the cities and municipalities in North Savo, Business Kuopio, and a large network of partner organizations that develop entrepreneurship and business activities.

Havuja#!@&%&! program

Organized by Business Center, Havuja#!@&%&! is a program that supports the launch of new business ideas and helps them accelerate to become future success stories. The program gives its participants new ideas, personal coaching, methods and networks for commercializing innovations, developing business activities and going international.

Find out more about the Havuja#!@&%&! program on the website of Business Center.

Business and financial advice

The Kuopio Region Enterprise Agency and its experts serve anyone interested in starting a business and newly established businesses with everything from acute problems to long-term planning.

The business advisors at the Enterprise Agency have extensive experience in entrepreneurship and many lines of business. They can help you, for instance, to analyse the potential of your business idea or guide you through the process of writing a business plan and other issues involved in starting a business.

You can schedule a personal meeting with a business advisor by calling +358 17 288 2000

More information about the services of the Kuopio Region Enterprise Agency is available on the website of the Enterprise Agency.

Events and training

Business Center, Suomen Yrittäjät, Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce and many of our other partners regularly organize various training and networking events for entrepreneurs.

For example, the “Kuopio goes” concept is a new internationalization service that enables more effective international marketing. The measures help promote business life in the Kuopio region and improve awareness of the region both in Finland and abroad.

We have compiled information about upcoming events on the Events page (mainly in Finnish)

Looking for premises or a plot?

Do you or your business need new premises? Business Kuopio and the Business Development Services of the City of Kuopio can help you find suitable premises. Our experts are also available if you need any guidance or help with permit issues, applying for a plot, town planning matters and negotiations with the city, for example.

In matters related to locating and business premises, help is available from


Leverage the entire community of growth entrepreneurship in Kuopio and the extensive network of contacts at Business Kuopio! The business ecosystem in the Kuopio region is constantly evolving, and business environments are developed in close cooperation with companies.

The open innovation ecosystem Kuopio Health is one example of a collaborative project that fosters business growth, creates networks and accelerates the birth of new companies. We are working in constant cooperation with business service providers and regional development projects to support the success of companies.

Kuopio Living Lab, on the other hand, is a concept for product development and testing services formed by three expert organizations: Kuopio University Hospital, the City of Kuopio and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Living Lab makes it possible for companies in the field of health and wellness technologies to test their products in authentic customer and expert environments.

Read more about the networks and partners of Business Kuopio.

Public procurement

The City of Kuopio procures goods and services from the private sector to help provide the essential services it is responsible for. In 2016, the value of external procurements was 386.8 million euros. Read more about public procurement (in Finnish). More information, please contact Sansia, 017 218 900, info(at)