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Ecosystems and clusters

The business ecosystem in Kuopio region is active and undergoing continuous development. A great example of how new collaborations and growing businesses are being created and developed is Kuopio Health, an open innovation ecosystem. Newer Water and Energy Clusters are also growing fast in the area.


Agri-Food Cluster North Savo fosters development of regional actors in agriculture and food sector for promoting vitality of the rural industries. The main aim is to develop partnerships, share knowledge and experiences, and to create project initiatives by coordinating and facilitating collaboration. The cluster is also linked to the food sector via Ruokalaakso network.

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Bio & Circular Economy

Bio and Circular Economy Cluster North Savo supports the growth of businesses in the field by bringing together the top experts and services to develop technologies, products, services and business.

For supporting sustainable development by reconciling material needs and flows, developing high-value products and researching alternative biomaterials.

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DigiCenter North Savo supports regional companies in their digital transformation journeys. DigiCenter operates as a Digital Innovation Hub that aims to create new business based on digital growth, expand international networks to the region and to establish a dynamic network of companies and digital experts.

Energy Cluster North Savo

North Savo region is witnessing the establishment of an extensive energy cluster in support of machine and metal industry, the key industrial sector and a major smart specialization focus in the region, with the objective to improve the international growth potential of businesses in the energy sector through innovation, services of research institutions and product development. The cluster will be established during 2020 -2021. Main actors in the project are Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Navitas Business Services, and approximately 20 businesses in energy sector (also new companies are accepted to the project).

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Kuopio Health

Kuopio Health is a network committed to promoting wellbeing, food industry and health care technology competence, research and business life as well as health care industry awareness locally, nationally and internationally. Kuopio Health promotes development, research and new innovations based on customer needs and acts as a platform for new products and services.

Kuopio Health conforms to an open innovation model by combining the public sector, academic world, business life and end-users: it aims to enable the creation of new solutions and networks. Kuopio Health provide excellent health care expertise and training together with a quality operating environment and business networks for Finnish and global healthcare technology companies and innovators.

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Kuopio Water Cluster

Kuopio Water Cluster concentrates the research, development and innovation in water-sector in North Savo region and Finland. The Cluster offers a one-stop solution for rapid product development, testing and commercialisation services for companies operating in the water technology sector.

Kuopio Water Cluster provides access to specialised laboratories, experts, and assisting personnel from all partnering organisations. Laboratory scale tests are combined with custom-made, containerised pilot-scale test-rigs allowing for rapid on-site demonstrations.

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North Savo Machine and Material Technology

North Savo Machine and Material Technology is a regional consortium that provides testing services, product development projects and technological expert services, promoting regionally competitive businesses by means of know-how and up-to-date RDI environments with active domestic and international contacts.

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Kuopio and Kuopio-based organisations are active in various national and international business collaboration networks. You can find an extensive list of networks here