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Business services and enterprise promotion

Kuopio invests heavily in facilitating business operations and provides an attractive environment for both new and existing businesses. Many companies operating elsewhere in Finland, and their units, have located in Kuopio, representing fields such as high technology, the food and metal industries, wood processing, the boat industry and the commercial and service sectors. Kuopio can offer companies a competent and trained workforce and high-quality service equipment.

Kuopio is a good place to grow and internationalise.

One phone call or contact request is enough

All businesses are important to us regardless of sector. A diverse economic structure is one of Kuopio’s strengths. We participate in business projects actively and with a practical orientation. Are there obstacles on your company’s path to growth, does your business need a boost or do you have an innovative business idea? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kuopio Business Development Services. We operate confidentially, quickly and straightforwardly.

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