Business Kuopio


Capital of tourism in the Finnish lake district

Several tourism development projects are in progress in the Kuopio and Tahko regions, which are drawing in investments that will also enable new business operations.

Bellanranta is one of the fastest-developing travel destinations in Kuopio. The old industrial area has transformed into a versatile recreational experience centre in a short period of time. The area is known for its imposing wooden sauna named Saana. There are plans to build a hotel next to the centre and scenic suites on the shore. The shore boulevard and park design will make the area a must-see place in Kuopio.

The Puijo area and the passenger harbour are also turning into brand-new tourism service centres within the next few years. The aim of developing the harbour is to provide better services to boaters, and opening the Puijo slopes to downhill skiers would create new opportunities for winter tourism in the centre of Kuopio.

Tahko is growing to become a lively, year-round centre that offers a wide range of services. Tahko aims to develop constantly and serve the future needs of customers as well. Digital connections, an exhaustive network of routes, transport connections, quality and memorable experiences are at the heart of the ever-transforming Tahko. New investments are bringing more businesses and travellers to the area.

Tahko also serves as an excellent environment for sustainable tourism. It is easy to enjoy the beautiful nature and ever-changing lake scenery in a sustainable way. Tahko aims to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland label by the year 2024. Sustainability is systematically promoted by locals and businesses by planning measures that respect and care for the environment. Tahko aims to cherish the environment and allow all travellers to do the same.

The Kuopio region provides an excellent partner network for tourism investors and new businesses, and the City of Kuopio is also involved in several tourism development projects as a partner.

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