Business Kuopio


Digital innovations and smart tech for taking your business to the next level

Kuopio region is home to an impressive amount of cutting-edge research and education focusing on technology and automation. The local business cluster in industry and cleantech includes names such as Junttan, EID Robotics, Honeywell, Insta, Rocsole, Savroc and Savon Automaatio.

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The commercialization and development of technologies takes place in close cooperation with local businesses and education providers. The research and development conducted at Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland supports business operations and makes Kuopio a prime location for technology, manufacturing industry and cleantech firms.

There are numerous development projects in the region that bring together public and private sector partners to work on smart manufacturing and automation. Ongoing development projects creating new technologies include 3D printing projects, IoT projects, Digicenter, New Tech and various automation and industrial development projects.

The smart technologies cluster is divided into three main business and development areas:


Smart Machines

Smart tech expertise and development

Automation and Robotics

Everything you need for product development in robotics

Digital Innovations

Strong partnerships for digital development and ICT services

Siamäk Naghian, CEO, Genelec

”Kuopio and North Savo have a long heritage in science education, craftsmanship along with a culture of creativity and innovation. This makes the region an excellent place to create new innovations. The number of world-class companies created and located in this region alongside with the University of Eastern Finland and Savonia University of Applied Sciences are already evident proof showing that this is a great location make dreams into reality. At Genelec we have experienced it, so we have all the reasons to continue benefiting from the uniqueness of this region for our future inspirations.”