Business Kuopio


Berry production combined with innovative food solutions

One of the cornerstones of food production in the Kuopio region is berry growing. North Savo is the strongest berry production region in Finland overall, producing 23% of the country’s berry produce, or 4.2 million kilos (in 2020).

Neighbouring Kuopio, Suonenjoki is home to SavoGrow’s berry research centre, which provides development and expert services for the berry production industry. Several companies in the region develop innovative berry-based foods, such as Lignell & Piispanen, Pakkasmarja and Marjavasu. Finnish berry products also have high potential in the international market.

North Savo is also known for its local fish and the foods processed from them. Strong businesses and developers of fish products include Escamar Seafood, Finnforel and Kalavapriikki.

The partner network in the industry includes several research and development actors, such as the University of Eastern Finland and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Savo Vocational College, SavoGrow and the Maaninka unit of Natural Resources Institute Finland, experienced businesses and innovative startups.