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Kuopio goes London

BusinessKuopio and Fast Track project are organizing an exhibition and networking trip to London for Health Technology companies from North Savo region on  March 17–22, 2019. During the trip we will participate in Future Healthcare 2019 exhibition and showcase our companies at our stand D34 “Finnish Health Innovations”.

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The aim of the trip is to create international business opportunities for the participants, get new business ideas, expand networks and get more visibility together. The travel programme will be created based on the needs of the participants. The delegation consists of about ten companies from health sector and specialists and other representatives of public institutions.

Building future relations in Health

Kuopio, the biggest city in Eastern Finland is internationally renowned for know-how and research in health technology, clinical healthcare and the pharma industry. Kuopio invests heavily on intensive research, development and innovation and is building an internationally competitive platform for commercializing global innovations.

The developing Kuopio Health open innovation ecosystem is a unique public-private cooperation model for universities, institutes and companies. Kuopio Health is constantly seeking new partners for research, development, innovation and commercialisation activities.

Companies and other key players from the Kuopio region want to build long-lasting relationships and collaboration networks with the UK in the health sector.


Future Healthcare 2019 is the only B2B event in the UK to showcase healthcare products and services across all sectors to an audience of global buyers. The UK’s largest showcase of sustainable and affordable healthcare solutions. Future Healthcare 2019 has emerged as an epicentre for VIP buyers from all over the world. Each year policy makers, practitioners, investors and suppliers gather in London at Olympia for cross border purchasing and deal making.

Come and discover the innovations, products and services of our companies. Our experts will guide you to the future innovations in health and wellbeing. You’ll find us at the stand D34 “Finnish Health Innovations”!

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  • 17.3. Flight: Kuopio – Helsinki – London.
  • 18.3. Future Healthcare UK 2019 exhibition, stand, D34 “Finnish Health Innovations”,
  • 19.3. Future Healthcare UK 2019 exhibition, stand, D34 “Finnish Health Innovations”, and evening event at the Finnish ambassador residency
  • 20.3. BusinessKuopio Road Show: Morning info on ”Funding opportunities and reflection to Brexit” and company visits in London.
  • 20.3. Casual networking dinner between the Nordic chambers of commerce in London (Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic). Tickets for members 55 £ / others 65 £. Further information
  • 21.3. BusinessKuopio Road Show: company visits in London / Liverpool
  • 22.3. Flight: London – Helsinki – Kuopio

Detailed programme in Finnish

Top know-how in Kuopio area

Surrounded by unspoilt nature and water, Kuopio is the leader in health and wellness expertise, the growing city is strongly characterized by education and research, culture, tourism and a diversity of businesses. Kuopio is a dynamic and constantly growing business city. The region of Kuopio is a unique combination of science, technology, art, industry and security. It is also one of the country’s innovation hubs and an important university city. People in Kuopio are known as the forerunner of wellbeing, health and environment expertise. Kuopio is the home of several internationally recognised hi-tech and service companies.

Health and wellbeing

Leverage the world’s best ecosystem for health R&D. The combination of a long-standing tradition in efficient healthcare, digitalization of health data and the Nokia engineering ecosystem has made Finland the premier location for health R&D. Because of our free-of-charge and high-quality education at all levels, including university and post-graduate education, finding skilled R&D workers in Finland is easy. This is why Finland ranks as the best country in the world for the availability of scientists and engineers (World Economic Forum). Finland is also one of the leading countries in terms of scientific researchers per capita, and the Finnish government’s R&D expenditure per capita is among the highest globally. These factors combined make Finland the number one global contributor to innovation in terms of policies that support innovation (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation). For further information and the delegation companies: Afekta technologies, Salli Systems, Ergorest, Neurocenter Finland. More information

Digital health

Finland is the second most advanced digital economy in the EU (DESI) and this also extends to healthcare. Finland has been one of the pioneers in health-related digitalization. National health registries have been held in databases since the 1960’s. Today, 100% population penetration in electronic health records (EHR) make our health data unique in terms of breadth and depth. One of the successful companies in Kuopio is SenSoftia. For further information and the delegation companies: Vireum, Navisec Health / Navicre Oy, Adamant Health. More information


Photonics, the physical science and technology of light, is a rapidly growing industry in Finland with a 20% annual growth. The applications of photonics vary from optics and lasers to imaging and camera lenses. There are currently over 200 companies in the photonics industry in Finland, and several new startups are founded each year. Some of the companies focus on the domestic market and some are more export oriented. Photonics Finland network is part of the international EPRISE – Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe program. Recently, the University of Eastern Finland received 8.2 million funding from Academy of Finland Flagship programme, together with the University of Tampere, Aalto University and VTT for photonics research. In Kuopio area, one of the most renowned photonics companies is Oplatek Group, developing innovative optics solutions. More information

Innovations and living lab

The City of Kuopio has Living Lab services that companies developing future healthcare solutions can use to test and improve their products and services in an authentic healthcare environment. The Living Lab environment is for primary health care services and is specialised in geriatric and home care. Through Living Lab, companies receive information about the usability of their solutions, while healthcare providers get information about the benefits of the latest solutions and their cost-effectiveness. More information

Unique environment for business – Savilahti area

The Savilahti area, which also covers the Science Park, has hundreds of technology and service companies, several national research centres and numerous testing and analysis laboratories. The area is a unique combination of skills and know-how in the fields of health and well-being. Also several internationally successful companies have laid their foundations into the region. More information

High-class education

Finland ́s education system is ranked as the best one in the world. The city of Kuopio is no exception. The City of Kuopio offers high quality basic and upper secondary education for children and young people. Great performance in Pisa results, teacher competence, innovative, digital learning environment and collaborative classroom practice make Finnish education unique also in Kuopio. The University of Eastern Finland is one of the largest universities in Finland and offers teaching in more than 100 majors. Savonia University of Applied Sciences is also most versatile Universities of Applied Sciences. Savo Consortium for Education is one of the biggest training providers in Finland on the field of vocational education and training.



  • Minna Tarvainen, Savonia University of Applied Sciences / Fast Track project
  • Özerk Göker, Savonia University of Applied Sciences / Fast Track project
  • Teija Korhonen, Savonia University of Applied Sciences /Health Care
  • Eeva Lehtomäki, Invest and Grow in Kuopio Region project, City of Kuopio
  • Mikko Juuti, Invest and Grow in Kuopio Region project, City of Kuopio
  • Reetta Airaksinen, BusinessKuopio, City of Kuopio
  • Kirsi Soininen, City of Kuopio
  • Mari Polvinen, Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Markku Koponen, Team Finland / North Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
  • Pasi Karjalainen, University of Eastern Finland
  • Mikko Turunen, University of Eastern Finland
  • Pauli Turunen, Adamant Health,University of Eastern Finland
  • Saara Rissanen, Adamant Health, University of Eastern Finland
  • Antti Väänänen, Vireum Oy
  • Juha Kauppinen, Oplatek Group Oy
  • Henry Kemiläinen, Navicre Oy
  • Olli Venemies, Navicre Oy
  • Merja Jaronen, Neurocenter Finland
  • Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, Neurocenter Finland
  • Reetta Kälviäinen, Neurocenter Finland
  • Sanna Hakala, Salli Systems
  • Anne Hölttä, Ergorest Oy
  • Kati Hanhineva, Afekta Technologies
  • Olli Kärkkäinen, Afekta Technologies
  • Miia Eskelinen-Fingerroos, Kasve
  • Minna Holopainen, Medfiles
  • Seppo Puolitaival, Monidor


London trip is organized by Fast Track project** and BusinessKuopio/Invest and Grow in Kuopio Region project*.

*) Invest and Grow in Kuopio Region project is coordinated by the Business Development Services of City of Kuopio (1.1.2018-30.6.2020). Funded by European Regional Development Fund, Regional Council of North Savo and the City of Kuopio.

**) Fast track project is coordinated by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce. Funded by European Social Fund and Centre for Econoic development, Transport and the Environment. Partners e.g. Business Finland and Team Finland.