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Dairy industry for the future

Milk production is one of the most significant agricultural industries in Finland, and the Kuopio region is one of the main producers of milk and beef in the country. Due to the production conditions and the excellent supply of raw materials, the region has been chosen as a location by several big names in the dairy industry, such as Valio and Maitomaa. In order to remain competitive and fulfil environmental requirements, the industry and businesses in the region carry out continuous research and development and make investments to improve the sustainability, environmental friendliness and safety of their production.

Investments in the dairy industry increase the transparency, sustainability and efficiency of operations and facilitate the development of infrastructure and employment. Education in this field is available on all levels, and research funding also plays a key role. The labour needs of the industry are met in Kuopio by educating experts in biological sciences, nutrition, environmental technology and data science, among other fields.

RDI activities in this industry are actively carried out in the Kuopio region. Natural Resources Institute Finland has a world-class research unit in Maaninka, Kuopio, specializing in research in milk production and grass cultivation. Savonia University of Applied Sciences focuses on research and development activities in topics such as the development of primary production processes and promoting the sustainability of the food system.

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