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Are you interested in investing in future talent? The development of the healthcare technology, biotech, medical and environmental sectors in Kuopio, together with strong ICT expertise, have led to the creation of numerous startups and high-growth companies in the city, providing excellent opportunities for investors.

This page contains our services for investors.

  • Meetings and company presentations
  • Identifying potential investments
  • Why Kuopio?

Meetings and company presentations

Business Kuopio is your link to the most interesting high-growth companies and startups in the Kuopio region. We arrange direct meetings and company presentations between potential investors and companies looking for funding.

Our experts are at your service with their strong local knowledge, extensive networks and business skills.

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Identifying potential investments

We identify potential investments in the Kuopio region for investors. You can trust our unbiased expert analysis on the developing companies and startups in the region.

Why Kuopio?

The communal business environment of Kuopio is currently fostering interesting future names, innovative startups and growth-oriented success stories.

The Kuopio region is home to business and research environments that meet high international standards, in addition to exceptionally strong expertise in health and wellness technology, among other sectors.

Business Kuopio facilitates business development and helps make Kuopio the best Nordic community for growing companies. We bring together all the services provided by the City of Kuopio to companies and support companies of all sizes across every sector.

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