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From Employment service of Kuopio you get all the employment services, individually designed for your needs concerning recruiting and financial aid for hiring. We survey candidates according to your criteria among job seekers of Kuopio. Additionally, we develop constantly new employer cooperation models, which gives us new ways to recruit employees, economically and easily.

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Financial aid for hiring

Kuopio can admit financial aid for hiring (max. 600 € per month) if employer hires a job seeker who has received unemployment benefit for more than 200 days for at least three months continuous period. We can admit financial aid for hiring throughout the year, as long as budget allows. This financial aid is part of the employment management of Kuopio. Employer can apply for it retroactively during the first month of contract.


Hiring a young person with the summer job voucher

Popular summer job voucher at your service again! The summer job voucher supports young person’s independent job search and helps them to get their first summer job. The Employment service of Kuopio admits summer job voucher to all ninth graders who live in Kuopio. Additionally youth between 15-19 years (born in 2001-2005) who live in Kuopio, can apply for summer job voucher at the web page of the employment service. There are 150 vouchers available for this group. The summer job voucher allows an employer to hire a young person for the summer from May 1 to the end of August. The employment service grants 300 euros for companies that employ a young person for the summer. From two weeks’ employment period, the pay has to be at least 450 euros.

Employer has to apply the payment (300 €) until November 30, 2020. It will be paid retroactively. Add report of paid salaries and a copy of the work contract to the application. Contact the coordinators for further information.

Announce vacancy easily and free of charge online

Announce vacancy easily and free of charge online to the employment service of Kuopio. We survey candidates according to your criteria among job seekers of Kuopio. You can fill out the announcement here.

Employment by purchases

All Kuopio city’s purchases over 200 000 euros must include social employment stipulation. This means that if the city is purchasing service or construction, part of the purchase amount has to consume in employment. The aim is to create new jobs for long-term unemployed and for young unemployed. The model also gives entrepreneurs possibility to carry social responsibility. Our job as Employment Service is to find skilled labor for entrepreneurs and for example to do preselection.

Did you win the competitive tendering of Sansia or the city of Kuopio, which included employment stipulation?

  • Supplier can announce an open vacancy by filling out this job card.
  • You can announce actualized employments with this form.

Accountable employee 2020 signResponsible employer

Cooperation partners of Kuopio can use the logo of responsible employer at their marketing. Logo is for companies that have hired at least one employee in co-operation with employment service of Kuopio.


Due to the exceptional situation caused by coronavirus, we serve our customers by email and by telephone.

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