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Fastest growing med-tech innovation ecosystem

Tech transfer and commercialization create significant opportunities in Kuopio for emerging health technologies from the local universities, and a powerful boost from the large deep-tech startup ecosystem.

In Finland, the Health Technology industry is one of the fastest growing business areas. Kuopio’s business ecosystems gather the main players in the Finnish Health Technology industry, such as GE Healthcare, Bittium Biosignals, Tieto and startups such as BoneIndex, Vireum, WellO2, Afekta, etc. Partnerships with the Finnish National Health Institute (THL) and Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT) provide easy access to new talent, living lab testing services and background IP.

Kuopio is home to one of Finland’s top research and teaching medical schools, with medical doctors graduating with the highest grades in the country. Research and development carried on at University Hospital, University of Eastern Finland, and Savonia Applied University make Kuopio a prime location for biomedical and medical technology firms to develop and test new technologies.

Living labs and test beds provide rapid benefits to entrepreneurs, wherein they can develop market-ready med-tech innovation with added value and higher probability of success. This infrastructure enables cooperation for solutions answering various healthcare challenges and provide strong support for innovation processes at different phases of the value chain: from ideation and co-creation to process validation and scale-up.

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