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Kuopio is growing and developing – join in the growth!

Kuopio, the Capital of Lakeland, is one of the most dynamic cities in Finland in terms of residential construction, attractiveness, job opportunities and population growth. Kuopio has around 120,000 inhabitants, while nearly one million people live in the city’s area of influence. The city is home to over 5,400 companies, providing around 50,000 workplaces. More than 200 of the companies are export companies.

A new city district, focusing on research, studies, business and living, is currently being built in Savilahti near the city centre, and investments are a total of one billion euros in the development. There are also significant plans to invest in the forest industry in the area.

Development of the healthcare technology, biotech, medical and environmental sectors, as well as ICT expertise, have led to the creation of numerous startup and growth companies in the city, providing excellent opportunities for investors.

Learn about the building developments in Kuopio:

  • Station area of Kuopio – Kuopio Gateway: An urban centre of the future with modern office and commercial space, recreation and health services, comfortable housing and an opportunity for a new hotel development.
  • Kuopio Market Place: The navel of the world. The characterful Market Place is surrounded by pedestrianised streets. The renovated Market Place has made favourable impression, not only on local people, but on others too.
  • Kuopionlahti – The sounding and beating heart: An architecture competition is in progress. The aim is to create a modern urban environment in the zone extending from Kuopio Bay to the Market Place.
  • Matkus area: Matkus Shopping Center and business park. The shopping centre with 90 businesses, IKEA and the area’s other businesses are a magnet for tourists.
  • Pieni Neulamäki Business Park: A vigorously developing area of 100 hectares, a key employment site that is already the location of hundreds of jobs, restaurant services and local public transport.
  • Puijo Arena: A modern and comfortable indoor training and exercise center is planned to the Puijo’s  sport walley with its comprehensive services.
  • Construction in Sairaalakatu: The winner of the architecture and developer competition, “Malmgren’s Shore”, is a new construction project that will form a unified and harmonious background for the protected historic buildings.
  • Savilahti: Savilahti will be developed into a well-known and desirable residential, university and employment area where all the elements of a good life will fit into place, from housing and work to self-development and recreation.
  • Sorsasalo: Finnpulp is investing 1.4 billion euros in the world’s largest softwood pulpmill to be located in the Sorsasalo area of Kuopio.
  • Development of Tahko’s infrastructure: A major joint effort to turn the Tahko area into Finland’s most attractive tourist destination.

Photo: Serum arkkitehdit Oy

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