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Developing and growing Kuopio

Kuopio is a developing city with a population of approximately 123,000, where the focus is on sustainable growth. A new city district, focusing on research, studies, business and living, is currently being built in Savilahti near the city centre, and investments are a total of one billion euros in the development.

Business Kuopio actively develops business environments together with companies. We are a partner in developing ideas for new activities and we are looking for business clusters that promote attraction in the regions. A great example is the development work in Bellanranta, where a center promoting well-being is being built in an old industrial area.

Learn about developing areas in Kuopio:

  • Station area of Kuopio – Gateway to Kuopio: An urban centre of the future with modern office and commercial space, recreation and health services, comfortable housing and an opportunity for a new hotel development.
  • Bellanranta – Activity centre on the shores of Kallavesi: Kuopio’s Siikaranta industrial area has developed rapidly over the past few years. The Bellanranta area at the beginning of Saaristokatu brings together movers and experience-makers, as well as families, people and business people – all in the same compact area – all year round. Bellanranta offers a wide range of tourism and leisure services.
  • Kuntolaakso – Connecting districts: A new swimming and ice rink and a 350-seat parking garage have been built in Niirala, Kuopio. The construction of the Kuntolaakso (”Sport valley”) was carried out in 2018–2021. The total price of investments is approximately EUR 46.2 million.
  • Kuopio Market Place: The navel of the world. The characterful Market Place is surrounded by pedestrianised streets. The renovated Market Place has made favourable impression, not only on local people, but on others too.
  • Matkus area: Matkus Shopping Center and business park. The shopping centre with 90 businesses, IKEA and the area’s other businesses are a magnet for tourists.
  • Pieni Neulamäki Business area: A vigorously developing area of 100 hectares, a key employment site that is already the location of hundreds of jobs, restaurant services and local public transport.
  • Savilahti: A ground breaking new complex for 35 000 citizens is being built by the lake Kallavesi in the heart of Kuopio. Savilahti is one of the most versatile urban development projects in Finland. The area will be transformed into an innovative centre of science and business combining cutting edge expertise with pleasant living and leisure in a magnificent lake nature environment.
  • Developing Tahko: A major joint effort to turn the Tahko area into Finland’s most attractive tourist destination. The Kuopio-Tahko region has defined a vision based on the city’s strategy, according to which it is the fastest developing tourist and event area in Finland.

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