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Innovative solutions for producing renewable energy

Renewable energy technologies and applications are actively developed in the Kuopio region. In terms of combustion technology and emissions, power plant emissions, residential wood combustion, issues related to ash, emission control and biofuels are some of the research and development areas addressed at Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland. Businesses in the region cover all the needs throughout the production chain from the treatment and processing of the raw material to manufacturing end products. The region is also home to innovative testing and development services for biogas technologies and Gasum’s unique biogas plant.

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Varkaus forms a strong hub of energy industry. The city possesses strong expertise in the energy sector and contains several major international businesses, such as Andritz and Sumitomo, in addition to offering a Master’s Degree Programme in Energy Engineering at the Savonia UAS.

Energy Cluster North Savo has been established to accelerate networking between education providers, businesses, municipal organizations and funders in energy technology. The cluster provides those working in the industry opportunities to examine and pilot new product and process innovations and to commercialize innovations.

The developing district of Savilahti in Kuopio is testing, developing and implementing various smart city solutions and also provides an excellent location for developing renewable energy solutions. The location, business hub and geology of Savilahti provide an exceptional opportunity to utilize renewable energy sources in a variety of ways, and the properties to be built in the area will use solar energy and geoenergy, among other solutions. The use and development of smart energy networks is one of the main goals of developing Savilahti.

The Clean energy cluster is divided into two main research and development areas:



The Kuopio region is a well-known hub of bioenergy knowledge

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