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Valuable partners for pharmaceutical development

Kuopio offers a valuable ecosystem for pharmaceutical development with a strong local network of international companies and skilled talents. The Pharma cluster in Kuopio includes partners that range from early-stage development and testing to manufacturing, clinical testing and supply-chain management with novel robotics technologies.

The pharmaceutical ecosystem has a proven track record of drug development in the Kuopio region. This company network includes KCT – The Foundation for Advanced Therapies focusing on Innovation and Translation in Gene and Cell Therapy; Finvector cGMP, which engages in the manufacturing and development of clinical and commercial viral vectors; Aurealis Pharma, a privately-held biopharmaceutical company, that has developed a broadly applicable technology platform that enables three-in-one combination therapy with one single product. This effective, safe and economical treatment method can greatly improve the quality of life of people suffering from major unmet medical needs such as cancer and other diseases.

An expert workforce with knowledge and skills corresponding to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry is provided by the School of Pharmacy at the University of Eastern Finland, which is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences in the Kuopio Campus. They offer a whole range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Pharmacy, including an International Master’s program in Toxicology and postgraduate degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy.

Kuopio region also offers robust specialized research possibilities. The A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences is a research institute addressing the global challenges of ageing, lifestyles and health, focusing on two major research areas that cause a significant burden to the healthcare system, namely cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as well as neurological disorders. AIVI’s research involves molecular medicine, which focuses on the causes and mechanisms of diseases at the molecular level.

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