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Impact on internationalization

Are you looking for partners, new business or investments opportunities in the Kuopio region or abroad? Kuopio Goes is a way to work together more effectively. Kuopio goes activities are, for example, export promotion and market survey trips together with companies and regional operators. The operation is active and practical, including effective communication and marketing and, for example, partner searches. By working together, we can achieve better visibility and effectiveness for internationalization measures.

Kuopio goes

Kuopio goes measures will promote the business life of the Kuopio region and increase awareness nationally and internationally. Kuopio Goes is a way to work together more effectively. Kuopio Goes activities below:

Twinning cooperation

Kuopio has 15 sister cities. The primary starting point of twinning activities is to strengthen cooperation between cities, support the internationalization of the Kuopio region, and promote business development of companies and cooperation between companies. An exceptionally close cooperation network has formed in Kuopio for this purpose. In particular, Kuopio and the Nordic twinning activities are particularly close. More information: Johanna Liukkonen, Company Coordinator,, 044 7182 089