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Kuopio goes – impact on internationalization

Are you looking for cooperation partners or investment opportunities in Kuopio area or abroad?

Kuopio goes activities are, for example, export promotion and market survey trips together with companies and operators. Activities are active and practical, including effective communication and marketing. By working together, we can achieve better visibility and effectiveness for internationalization measures.

Kuopio invests in facilitating business operations and provides an attractive environment for both start-up and operating companies. The number of businesses in Kuopio is continuously rising – currently there are approximately 7,000 businesses employing 53,000 people. There are more than 200 export companies in North Savo. Kuopio combines a good business environment, versatile training and research expertise.

The Kuopio goes concept is an internationalization service that enables more effective international marketing. The measures will promote the business life of the Kuopio region and increase awareness nationally and internationally.

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