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New forms of tourism next to Lake Saimaa

Joroinen is located some 15 km south of Varkaus. It is a versatile destination and known especially for events such as Joroinen Music Festival and Finntriathlon. The spectacular nature and good connections enable a wide range of tourism services.

Joroinen will soon be home to a new holiday resort of high quality and service standards as TeaHouse of Wehmais in Juva and the Forest Suites project that is under development in Joroinen will join to form a new company named Pihlais-Resort in 2022. The idea is to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences and provide high-quality services from fishing gear to Tesla electric cars. The stunning nature, skilled architecture, local origins and genuinely sustainable choices are the building blocks for the success of the new resort. Beautiful villas and gardens are under construction in Joroinen, in addition to a restaurant that uses locally sourced products. The aim is to open Pihlais-Resort in 2023 and it plans to welcome roughly 40 000 visitors per year. The new resort will also have a positive employment effect in the region.