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The secret of the attractiveness of the Kuopio region is the ease of living and the numerous opportunities it offers in business, study and leisure. With its diverse range of education options, strong research expertise and active business ecosystems, the region is a first-rate location for a developing business and for product development and industry. There is a strong regional spirit of working together, even across industry boundaries, to enable smart and sustainable business operations and the creation of new innovations.

Ecosystem of the Kuopio Region

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A unique health business ecosystem that stimulates innovation and supports research and development. Health tech, pharma and clinical healthcare are the main strengths of the Kuopio region.

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Water technology

The Kuopio region is known for its strong, multidisciplinary expertise and research in water. Water technology companies benefit from effective RDI environments and wide networks.

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Circular bioeconomy

High-level research in biotechnology, educated workforce and abundant raw material resources offer attractive possibilities for companies in biotechnology industry.

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Illustration: Hand holding light bulb in front of global show the world's consumption with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development. Ecology concept.

Clean energy

Renewable energy technologies and applications are actively developed in the Kuopio region to support the energy transition. Especially the Varkaus area forms a strong hub of energy industry.

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Smart technologies

The Kuopio region is home to an impressive technology cluster, which generates more than half of the region's export revenues. The commercialization and development of technologies takes place in close cooperation between companies and educational institutions.

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In the food sector, the Kuopio region is especially known for milk production and agriculture, strawberries and lake fish and fish products. Strong know-how, traceability, innovative product development and strong cooperation networks make the region particularly attractive to investors in the food industry.

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The Kuopio region is one of the up-and-coming international travel destinations in Finland and it is known for beautiful nature, events, and sports. For tourism investors and new businesses, the region provides an excellent partner network and educated workforce.

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The dynamic, ever-growing Kuopio region offers a wide range of business opportunities. Kuopio itself is an attractive, developing university city, in addition to which there are several smaller cities and municipalities in the region. The region is home to 248 500 residents, 15 500 businesses and 99 000 jobs. Pro-entrepreneurship and excellent business services support the birth of new businesses and the growth and internationalization of existing ones. Close cooperation and the desire to develop the Kuopio region together create a unique business climate that drives development and new innovations.



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8 reasons to choose Kuopio

Why entrepreneurs should choose Kuopio – 8 compelling reasons

Wholesome living

Life is not just about work and making a living. Kuopio offers you the full package for a life that tastes good: comfortable housing, an interesting variety of hobbies, cultural experiences and incredibly stunning nature. The atmosphere in Kuopio and all the things you need for a happy life bring both newcomers and returnees to the city.

Open atmosphere and caring work culture

For an entrepreneur, the city of Kuopio is just the right size and its open atmosphere is ideal for networking. The tone of the competition is encouraging: if that other person can succeed, so can I.  Things are done with an open mind.

Versatile economic structure brings in investments

Many industries are growing in Kuopio. Major investments are being made in several sectors from logistics to trade, leisure and tourism. There is a lot going on right now, both in the central city area and in Tahko, and Kuopio is faring well compared to other Finnish cities. Real estate investors also believe in Kuopio.

Kuopio is the cradle of science and research

Kuopio fosters internationally recognized, cutting-edge research in health and wellbeing and in nutrition, among other fields. This hub of science offers unique collaboration opportunities and expertise for companies. Engaging in multidisciplinary research collaboration is exceptionally easy in Kuopio.