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Kuopio – Gateway to Shanghai -seminar


The results and the future of Kuopio-Shanghai Pugong cooperation

Time: Thursday 1st of March 2018 at 12–17 (networking 17–19)
Place: Kuopio, Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi, Puijonsarvi hall

Note: The seminar will be held in Finnish except for Keynote speaker Kai Zhan: “Experiences from Kuopio-Shanghai Pudong cooperation”

Come to enjoy of the seminar and hear the stories of business and other actors active on the Shanghai market. Themes of the seminar are business, tourism, education, and the relevance of cooperation between cities of Kuopio and Shanghai. What did we accomplish with last year´s Shanghai Kuopio exhibition and what will the future bring?

The Kuopio region has made long-term and firm efforts to reach the toughest and most competitive markets in the world, China and Shanghai Pudong. The determined work that started in the beginning of the millennium including various sectors now produces results. The seminar organized by the City of Kuopio presents the history of China cooperation, the results of the Shanghai Pudong exhibitions and delegation and the plans for the future.

The story of the Finnish woman and the Kuopio – Capital of Lakeland exhibition in Shanghai Pudong between 12th and 27 th of October 2017 supported the internationalization of the Kuopio region, promoted business development and cooperation, and strengthened sister city relationships. Numerous actors from Kuopio including business, education, tourism and culture participated in the exhibition.

• “No company could have come here alone. I felt I was appreciated here.”

• “It’s not about whether the Chinese will come to Kuopio or not, but when and how many will they come.”

• “We gained direct sales from the trip.”

• “Good new contacts and insights.”

The seminar will be held on 1st of March in 2018 at 12-17, Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi. The event is aimed for companies, educational institutions and everyone interested in China cooperation. The seminar is open to everyone and free of charge but requires a registration. Sign up by 19.2.

Further information:

  • Kirsi Soininen, Marketing Director, The City of Kuopio, +358 44 718 2020,
  • Laura Kokko, Secretary of International Affairs, The City of Kuopio, +358 44 718 2018,


12.00 Kirsi Soininen: The importance of China cooperation to Kuopio
12.15 Michael Claussen: Cultural exchange and the importance of personal relationships in China

12.30 Keynote speaker Kai Zhan (in English): Experiences from Kuopio-Shanghai Pudong cooperation

13.00 China tourism in the Lakeland area

  • Sisko Hirvonen: Wild Nordic and Noora Kivi: Lakeland Lines
  • Jukka Hyttinen: PeeÄssä Cooperative Society
  • Anna Pitkänen: Kuopio Dance Festival

14.00 Coffee break

14.30 Business goes Shanghai

  • Silja Huhtiniemi: Kuopio Chamber of Commerce
  • Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen: RLP Design
  • Jere Ruotsalainen: Fantasia Works
  • Petteri Virranta: VIRRANTAcom

15.30 Opportunities for education cooperation in the Shanghai area

  • Leena Auvinen: Basic education and upper secondary education
  • Pirkko Kouri: Savonia University of Applied Sciences
  • Anitta Etula: University of Eastern Finland
  • Jukka Kosunen: Savo Consortium for Education

16.30 Kirsi Soininen: #Kuopiogoes concept: Future development perspectives – joint discussion

17.00–19.00 After Work networking

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