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Nordic Business Forum Live Stream


Nordic Business Forum 2017 Live Stream is shown at Technopolis campuses!

Time: Monday 2.10.2017 at 12.00-18.30 / Tuesday 3.10.2017 at 10.00-16.55
Place: Technopolis campuses Espoo, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Oulu ja Tampere. Kuopio Technopolis Microkatu, Auditorium (Microkatu 1, Building A, Kuopio)

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Nordic Business Forum is an annually organized business event, which brings together world-class speakers, top executives and business leaders. The live stream includes all presentations, discussions, and interviews from the event’s live stage. You can read more about Nordic Business Forum’s Live Stream here.

This year’s themes and speakers:

  • Leadership / Sir Richard Branson, Stéphane Garelli, Adam Grant, Patrick Lencioni, Rachel Botsman
  • Responsibility / Will Smith, James Hansen, Petteri Taalas, Severn Cullis-Suzuki
  • Purpose / Nick Vujicic

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Join us and hear the world’s brightest minds & future business leaders. The event is free of charge and open for all companies, registration is required. Book your seat now. You can modify your registration info later.


The speakers include environmental experts, activists and management speakers such as Sir Richard Branson and Adam Grant.

  • Will Smith Actor, producer, musician and Grammy Award Winner
  • Adam Grant Author and Wharton professor
  • James Hansen Former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University
  • Nick Vujicic Founder and President of Life Without Limbs, international speaker, and author
  • Patrick Lencioni Management author, President of the Table Group
  • Petteri Taalas Secretary-General of World Meteorological Organization
  • Rachel Botsman Author, Visiting academic at the University of Oxford
  • Sir Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Group
  • Severn Cullis-Suzuki Environmental activist, TV host
  • Stéphane Garelli Professor at IMD, Founder of the IMD World Competitiveness Center

Speaker Profiles and Program here.

Speakers at NBF Live StreamThere might be some programme changes.

Event partners in Kuopio: Canon, the City of Kuopio, Savonia University of Applied Sciences,  Savo Consortium for Education


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