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Saimaa Data-Park Varkaus

Saimaa Data Park is located in the technology-driven community of Varkaus, in the middle of lake sceneries and nature. The area combines Finland’s geographical location, stable social structure, good geological and climatic conditions. They provide a stable and safe operating environment and have experience in locating international data center operators. Varkaus has a strong experience in locating international operators.

offers a location option for one or more sites

Data Centers

Two different data center locations (Ranta-Luttila ja Päivärinne) in the middle of a lake scenery of Saimaa.

Site 1

  • Size of the area: 28.27 ha
  • Permitted building area: Plot ratio 0.7, floor area 197,894m2
  • Zoned area: Landing zoning ready and final, industrial plot for data center use

Site 2

  • Size of the area: 14,28ha
  • Permitted building area: Plot ratio 0.7, floor area 99, 974m2
  • Zoned area: Land zoning ready and final, industrial area

Offers companies a location option for one or two sites. One can choose the areas that best serve your business. The Saimaa Data Park team supports in locating your operations to the region smoothly and fast. The Invest In team includes all public and private actors, public authorities, and various operators such as electricity and telecommunications companies that affect situating your business.

Jouko Laitinen, CEO, Navitas Business Services, tel. 040 720 2401, jouko.laitinen@navitas.fi