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Everything you need for enhanced robotics development

Our long expertise in end-user collaboration already has a proven track record with references such at EID Robotics, NewIcon and Kuopio University Hospital Microsurgery technologies. Our fast and lean working processes deliver robustly when it comes to developing innovative solutions for complex processes.

Finland is one of the best test markets for new robotics technologies, due to an advanced technological background in mobile technologies. Kuopio has an emerging robotics cluster that has everything you need for enhanced product and technology development, with easy access to the entire European Union. Strong expertise in robotics includes micro-surgery technologies, manufacturing automation and electronics.

End-users who work with robotics and decision-makers both are well known from their open innovation and co-creation knowledge. We offer easy access to world-class digital technologies, researchers, and specialised talents. Together, this provides a strong international network, reference companies, and easy entry to the European market.

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Anssi Lehikoinen, Chairman of the Board, Rocsole

”Kuopio's business environment is excellent for the IT industry. Our business is strongly based on research and expertise at the Department of Applied Physics, University of Kuopio. This connection has enabled long-standing, careful and successful product development in the highly demanding oil and gas industry. It has contributed to our business receiving significant venture capital funding from established companies. With these strengths, we are aiming for robust global growth.”