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Promising business ideas in the health industry – these 15 companies were selected for sparring


The company growth programme Digital Health Growth Path has selected 15 companies with the biggest growth potential out of 35 applicants. One of these is PulseOn Oy from Espoo. They are developing an easy-to-use medical wristband for patient monitoring purposes. Digital Health Kasvupolku is a part of Finland’s biggest company growth sparring programme, Kasvu Open.

The companies that will receive sparring from our experts are: cardiomeDIC, Wexma Oy and BuddyHealthcare from Helsinki, Diske Oy, SenSoftia Oy and Heart2Save from Kuopio, PulseOn Oy from Espoo, Spektikor Oy from Oulu, FJUUL VISION OY from Sipoo, Neuro Event Labs, Moodmetric and Huoleti from Tampere, Olento Life Oy / We Did It® The Relationship Method from Kotka, Etsimo Healthcare Oy from Turku and Fibion Oy from Jyväskylä.

Their business ideas include e.g. pain management through AI, automation of surgery patients’ treatment pathways, measuring arrhythmias at home, a social networking service for people who have fallen ill, measuring stress using a smart ring, a cloud-based reception service, lifestyle guidance that uses Big Data, remote monitoring of epileptic seizures using machine vision and improving relationships through a gamified application.

According to the judges, the quality of the applications has clearly increased compared to last year, so it will be challenging to choose the most promising company.

“We are delighted that some applicants have clearly connected high-level expertise with new technological advances, for example by adding a digital aspect to traditional therapeutic approaches. Oftentimes, specialists and digitalization experts tend to live in rather different worlds, so this is definitely a welcome development,” says Kari Halinen, who works as the project manager for the Hippos2020 project for the city of Jyväskylä and is a member of the panel of judges.

In addition to Halinen, the panel includes Development Manager Reijo Itkonen from Finnmedi Oy, Kasve Oy’s CEO Hanna Kumpulainen, Project Manager Janne Laitinen from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Sales Manager Matti Karttunen from Azets Oy, Mega Elektronics Oy’s Head of Sales Pekka Pirttiaho and Business Consultant Kimmo Vainikainen from Talentree Oy.

PulseOn is developing an easy-to-use patient monitoring device

One of the selected Growth Path participants is PulseOn Oy, whose aim is to develop an optic wristband for medical use, such as symptom detection and patient monitoring through pulse and heart rate variation data. Early detection of illnesses leads to major savings in treatment costs, improves quality of life and may even save lives.

“Our growth potential is based on a large market – our target group consists of millions of people around the world. The devices that are currently available are expensive and difficult to use, so there is room for innovation,” says the company’s Operations Director, Markku Lankinen.

Using PulseOn Oy’s device it would be possible for doctors to monitor people at home instead of only while they are visiting the hospital, which makes it much easier to spot illnesses.

The content and schedule of the Kasvupolku programme

Kasvupolku participants will receive sparring on 11.4. and 9.5.2017. At these events, experts in various subjects (growth, internationalization, sales, marketing, management) aka “millers” will challenge and help the companies to reach their individual growth goals. Each company will meet the millers during 10 45-minute confidential meetings. In the semi-finals, on 22.5., the panel of judges will choose the two best companies to go on to the national finals, Kasvu Open Carnival, which will take place in October 2017.

More information

Markku Lankinen, Head of Operations, PulseOn Oy, tel. 044-5540811,
Satu Haka, Kasvupolku facilitator, Kasvun Roihu Oy*, tel. +358 50 3048779

Kasvu Open aims to help ambitious Finnish SMEs grow, regardless of the company’s size or age. In 2017, our goal is to provide free sparring to 450 companies by more than 1000 experts, through 27 Kasvupolku programmes. The year will culminate in the Kasvu Open Carnival in October 2017, where the best growth companies in Finland will be chosen from among the 100 finalists.
Kasvu Open is made possible by FinnMedi Oy, Azets, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, the City of Jyväskylä, the City of Kuopio, Kasve Oy and our national partners Nordea, Finnvera, Technopolis, Varma, If, Sitra, Team Finland, Isku, Grano, Jyväs-Caravan, Avance / Executive Education, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä Fair Ltd and the Regional Council of Central Finland.
*Kasvun Roihu Oy is an authorized organizer of Kasvu Open events and a shareholder of Kasvu Open Oy, a non-profit distributing organization. The other shareholders are Central Finland’s Chamber of Commerce, Jykes Oy and Aava&Bang Oy.