Business Kuopio


Medfiles: Professional Expertise Promptly and Accurately


CRO, or Contract Research Company, Medfiles provides research and analyses for pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. Oy Medfiles Ltd’s...
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Hydroline provides cylinder solutions – also intelligent ones


Customer-oriented approach is one of the cornerstones of Hydroline’s success. Products and services are designed in cooperation with customers. Global...
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NewIcon continues to conquer the world


Market leader in pharmacy automation in Finland, NewIcon has been systematically aiming to establish a firm foothold in the global...
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Carlson’s highly successful journey from factory hardware store to versatile house of brands


One of Finland’s oldest retail stores, Carlson will celebrate its 160th anniversary next year. The company’s operations started in Juankoski...
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Kuopion Woodi is Finland’s leading manufacturer of kindergarten furniture


Kuopion Woodi Oy manufactures solid birch furniture for kindergartens, schools and retirement homes. The key design principles of the furniture...
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Bittium has earned international acclaim for its products


Bittium specializes in the development of reliable and secure communications and connectivity solutions.  Bittium Biosignals, the company’s subsidiary based in...
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Bella Boats’ progress from garage to the top of the world


When Bella-Veneet Oy – Bella Boats – was created from zero, working hours were not counted. The largest market launches...
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Chinese tissue paper giant became a shareholder – Finnpulp starts basic engineering of the bioproduct mill


Basic engineering of Finnpulp’s bioproduct mill has started. Company’s mill will be built on the site in Sorsasalo in Kuopio,...
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Smart City –cooperation, business opportunities in the Arctic and residents´ participation


The Arctic is expected to provide interesting opportunities for business in the future. A delegation from Kuopio´s sister city in...
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The secret behind Junttan’s success is confidence and trust in their signature production


Leader in pile driving technology, Junttan, has anchored its equipment manufacturing in Kuopio. The company operates worldwide, with the exception...
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Medikro: Active product development and innovation spirit are vital for a technology company


Medikro Oy manufactures PC-based medical equipment for pulmonary diagnostics. Their main product is the spirometer, a device measuring lung capacity....
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The most growth-hungry health and welfare companies were selected


Total of 25 companies were selected as part of the Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track. One of the companies selected for...
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FinVector launched out from Kuopio into the world


FinVector Vision Therapies Oy, which develops viral-based gene therapy products, has put its dreams on paper and moved purposefully towards...
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