Business Kuopio


What is Business Kuopio?

Business Kuopio is a partner for businesses. Business Kuopio brings together the services provided by the City of Kuopio to companies and the support of an active partner network.

Vision: The best Nordic community for growth-oriented businesses.

Mission: Business Kuopio helps both new and growing businesses to develop and internationalize. We bring investments to the Kuopio region from Finland and abroad.

Values: Courage, Equity, Partnership

Business Kuopio is a partner for businesses. Business Kuopio gives new and growing companies the keys to growth and renewal – whether you are just planning on starting a business or expanding your operations to new market areas in Finland or abroad.

Business Kuopio brings together the services provided to companies by the City of Kuopio and the support of an active partner network. Business Kuopio aims to facilitate the success of business life in Kuopio through cooperation and partnership.

Business Kuopio supports the wellbeing of business life by promoting entrepreneurship and developing pro-business, competitive business environments and helping to attract investments and talent into the region. The goal is to increase the attractiveness of the region by improving its awareness in Finland and abroad.

Kuopio is an active centre of business life where innovations are turned into business, companies grow and internationalize and the region is seen as an investment area full of potential. The attractive business environment appeals to new talent and creates opportunities for companies and investors also on an international level. Kuopio aims to be the sustainably growing centre of an area with a scope that extends to a million people.

“Success stories are born when they have freedom to grow. In Kuopio you can build your own story in a unique atmosphere – with courage, creativity, and using your own strengths.”