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KuopioHealth – Open Innovation Ecosystem

KuopioHealth is a network of healthcare professionals committed to advancing health technology expertise, research, business life and awareness of the area. Kuopio Health promotes development, research and innovation based on customer needs and serves as a platform for new products and services.

KuopioHealth is an open innovation platform enabling co-creation and transfer of knowledge and technologies for the benefit of society. We offer excellent health technology competence, training, infrastructure anda business network for domestic and international health technology companies and innovators.

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  • Arto Holopainen, City of Kuopio, Strategy and Development, Innovation Manager, arto.holopainen(at)kuopio.fi, +358 45 139 3996, www.kuopio.fi
  • Mikko Juuti, City of Kuopio, Business Development Services, Invest & Grow in Kuopio Region, Project Manager, mikko.juuti(at)kuopio.fi, +358 44 718 2034, www.kuopio.fi

Kuopio Living Lab services

Kuopio is one of Finland’s leading cities in the fields of health, wellness and safety. The City of Kuopio’s strategy emphasises preventive and promotive health services. Kuopio has been an active member of the WHO Healthy Cities Network since 2005.

The City of Kuopio has Living Lab services that companies developing future healthcare solutions can use to test and improve their products and services in an authentic healthcare environment. The Living Lab environment is for primary health care services and is specialised in geriatric and home care. Through Living Lab, companies receive information about the usability of their solutions, while healthcare providers get information about the benefits of the latest solutions and their cost-effectiveness.

More information: Pauliina Kämäräinen, Kuopio Living Lab, primary health care pauliina.kamarainen(at)kuopio.fi, +358 44 718 6440, www.kuopio.fi

KUH Living Lab services

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) is one of the five university hospitals in Finland. KUH provides specialised medical care in an area of 248,000
inhabitants and is responsible for the advanced specialised medical care of nearly a million people in Eastern and Central Finland.

From 2016, the KUH Living Lab project has provided an authentic testing and research environment for health tech companies. The companies can range from small startups to large corporations. All departments and outpatient clinics of the University Hospital have a long practice of collaboration. Our services include product and IT innovation and testing, research collaboration and clinical trials.

The KUH Living Lab is currently a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Regional Council of Northern Savo. Collaboration with the City of Kuopio Living Lab, the Savonia UAS/Health Lab and University of Eastern Finland.

More information: Merita Kaunisto, KUH Living Lab, specialised medical care, merita.kaunisto(at)kuh.fi, +358 44 717 9233, www.psshp.fi

KuopioHealth Lab

Savonia University of Applied Sciences has two main tasks: education & training and R&D and innovation (RDI). Savonia has a focus area of applied health technology. We are responding to the need for reform of the social and healthcare sector and increased efficiency and quality of social and healthcare services. This will be achieved through the promotion of the development and commercialisation of technological applications, improving professionals skills for e-services, and applied research into the digitalisation of social and healthcare services.

Savonia has expertise in applying health technologies, gamification, computational intelligence, ICT solutions and Big Data to develop new information services, and in evaluating health and wellness technologies designed to improve quality of life. Kuopio Health Lab provides patient/customer group-specific usability testing and evaluation of new service or product ideas as well as service design combining digital and traditional healthcare services.

More information: Petteri Jääskeläinen, KuopioHealth Lab, Research and Development, petteri.jaaskelainen(at)savonia.fi, +358 44 785 6466, www.savonia.fi


  • Nordic Infrastructure of Test Facilities 2017  (Publication includes e.g. Kuopio Health – Open Innovation Ecosystem, Kuopio University Hospital Living Lab – KUH Living Lab, Kuopio Living Lab – City of Kuopio – Social and healthcare services, Savonia University of Applied Sciences – Kuopio HealthLab)

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