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Health technology leads the way to the British market


Kuopio goes London! Ten health technology companies from the Kuopio region, in various stages of export capability, and other players and experts in the field are travelling to London on an export promotion and contact-building trip (17–22 March 2019).

Kuopio, the biggest city in Eastern Finland, is internationally renowned for know-how and research in health technology, clinical healthcare and the pharma industry. Kuopio invests heavily in research, development and innovation and is building an internationally competitive platform for commercialising global innovations.

“The Kuopio region has a strong desire to internationalise. We want to help promote the internationalisation of the region’s businesses, especially from an export and investment promotion perspective. Organising the trip collaboratively is also beneficial from the companies’ perspective,” says Mikko Juuti of BusinessKuopio, manager of the Invest and grow in Kuopio project.

“Our plans involve creating close contacts with the target markets directly from the region, and through the project making these activities a permanent part of the region’s internationalisation development,” explains the Fast Track project manager Minna Tarvainen of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

With a strong team spirit towards internationalisation

The joint stand at the London exhibition is called “Finnish Health Innovations“. By bringing together many players, it will provide greater visibility. The purpose of the trip is to give participants international business opportunities, new ideas for business activities and networking opportunities.

“We have prepared for the trip by profiling the various organisations that could make use of Vireum’s services. In addition, at the beginning of the year, an English speech generation and recognition query system was added to our services,” says Vireum Oy’s Managing Director Antti Väänänen, who will be on the trip.

“An objective of Neurocenter Finland is to create a network of neuroscience researchers, physicians and companies through which Finland’s strengths in neuroscience research can be exploited. These include, for example, genome data and biobanks. We hope to find international partners in Great Britain, too,” says Neurocenter Finland Director, Mikael von und zu Fraunberg.

Building future relations in health

The trip is taking place at a tense time regarding the issue of Brexit, but Kuopio and the region’s businesses want to make the situation positive by building long-lasting relationships and collaboration networks with the UK in the health sector.

“In spite of Brexit, there is still a strong desire in Britain to engage in international collaboration. In particular, there seems to be a growing interest also in regional cooperation,” says Janna Mure from the London office of Business Finland.

“There have been significant changes in the health and wellness sector in recent times. Individual responsibility and interest in one’s own health and wellness has increased, and there is a need for individual and smart health and wellness solutions. For example, Business Finland’s Smart Life programme promotes personal and real-time services. In this, digital solutions play a key role and this expertise is something Finland has,” adds Meria Heikelä from Business Finland.

For further information:

London trip is organized by Fast Track project** and BusinessKuopio/Invest and Grow in Kuopio Region project*.

*) Invest and Grow in Kuopio Region project is coordinated by the Business Development Services of City of Kuopio (1.1.2018-30.6.2020). Funded by European Regional Development Fund, Regional Council of North Savo and the City of Kuopio.

**) Fast track project is coordinated by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce. Funded by European Social Fund and Centre for Econoic development, Transport and the Environment. Partners e.g. Business Finland and Team Finland.