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Kuopio by Nature publication 2022 showcases “my kind of life”


The third Kuopio’s annual publication has been published today, on Valentine’s Day 2022. The magazine-type English-language publication showcases the exceptional setting for living a life in the Kuopio region that looks like you. It lends a platform for growth and interactions, for good life. 

“This is a city with a strong passion for life, the ability to live in the moment while working together to build a better tomorrow for everyone,” says Kirsi Soininen, the Marketing Director of the City of Kuopio.

“We have a privilege to live spaciously, close to nature and activities where you can make the most of nature. This region provides a variety of opportunities to work and enjoy your free time in a communal atmosphere where there is plenty of room for new ideas.”

Kuopio is an internationally respected university city of wellbeing and health expertise with diverse business life and career development opportunities. This combines a constantly evolving operating environment with diverse training and research expertise. Future success is based on competence and the ability to innovate and create something new. Work and leisure intertwine and support each another, giving you the opportunity to build a life that works for you in both respects.

“Due to the wide variety of things Kuopio has to offer, it is like a compressed metropolis. This is a great advantage, because the short distances guarantee easy access to services and nature. When your time is not spent stuck in traffic, you can dedicate your after-work hours to studying, being creative or enjoying life,” says Soininen.

Kuopio by Nature represents the city ja the life of citizens through the themes of Nature, Live Like Local and Future Kuopio. The magazine examines topics such as the city development and business, atmosphere factors and family values, as well as leisure time.

“A life that looks like you is formed different for everyone through their own needs and interests. It can mean a balanced life close to the nature in the middle of an innovative, efficient work environment where the will to move forward exists in balance with overall wellbeing,” sums up Soininen.

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