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Kuopio by Nature is now published for the first time also in Finnish


The fifth issue of Kuopio by Nature is now published for the first time also in Finnish. The journal takes a comprehensive look at the highlights of 2024, the strengths of the city and interesting prospects for the future. The journal is freely available to read online and the print edition will be distributed at various events and tourism outlets.

“This year’s Kuopio by Nature is a combination of living your kind of life, snapshots, leading expertise in the region and the power of community. Together, these themes highlight the special characteristics of Kuopio – the surrounding nature, the richness of everyday life and future technologies,” says Marketing Director of the city Kirsi Soininen.

The city of Kuopio will be turning 250 years old in 2025.

“We started planning the programme of the anniversary year in early 2024 and will start celebrating in November. Kuopio aspires to be the capital of good life for all the people living here while also setting an example for the rest of the world,” says Soininen.

Kuopio strives to be a place where dreams and goals have room to soar, and where everyone feels like part of a big family, connecting across generations. Kuopio by Nature 2024 shows how these things can be seen in Kuopio this year.

The journal has now been published in both Finnish and English!

Finnish version: Kuopio by Nature 2024 suomeksi by City of Kuopio – Issuu

English version: Kuopio by Nature 2024 in English by City of Kuopio – Issuu

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