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Kuopio by Nature publication 2023 shows the highlights of Kuopio


Kuopio’s annual journal, the fourth of its kind, has been published. The Journal shows the highlights of 2023, the strong ecosystems and areas of expertise of the city, and interesting future views.

This year’s journal presents a platform for Your king of life, in a connection with surrounding nature and community.

”This is a city with a strong passion for life, internationally recognized talent, and the ability to live in the moment while working together to build a better tomorrow for everyone,” says Kirsi Soininen, the Marketing Director of the City of Kuopio.

In a survey examining internal migration within Finland, Kuopio was ranked the second most attractive city in the country. What sets Kuopio apart from the competition are the quality factors of life, environmental factors, a reasonable cost level and friendly people.

”We can say that our community is our strength and we like our fellow citizens.”

Kuopio is a university town of approximately 123 000 residents. Our city centre is vibrant, and located less than two kilometres from the centre is the Savilahti district – a unique campus of three levels of education.

”Approximately 20 000 future talents are studying or pursuing a postgraduate degree in Savilahti. Within this smart capital lies the future of our region.”

Kuopio believes in a good life that looks like you.

“For us, this consists of three elements – living, laughter and feeling good. It means a passion for life, flow and movement, smooth everyday routines. It means the freedom to make your own way.”

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