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Kuopio offers its strong expertise in comprehensive safety for the benefit of the whole of Finland


In the report of the vision working group of Eastern Finland (3/2023), one of the measures is the establishment of a comprehensive safety competence center in the region. In Finland, security-related initiatives are being introduced in different parts of the country and there is a clear need for extensive cooperation. Kuopio is ready to take responsibility for the whole and offer Finland strong expertise in the development of comprehensive safety.

Comprehensive safety is a cooperative model of Finnish preparedness, where the vital functions of society are taken care of through the cooperation of authorities, businesses, organizations, and citizens. The goal of preparedness is to secure the vital functions of society and ensure their ability to function in situations of disruption to normal conditions and exceptional conditions.

– The goal for the future is to build a national competence center for comprehensive safety in Kuopio. Together with the network formed with our partners, we would produce nationally and internationally high-level research, development, and training in the various areas of comprehensive safety, says the mayor of Kuopio, Soile Lahti.

Kuopio has strong expertise in matters according to the comprehensive safety cooperation model and excellent conditions for developing comprehensive safety, also in the future. Kuopio’s different research and training units produce high-level information and new solutions and offer training opportunities in different areas of the comprehensive safety model. The national Emergency Services Academy Finland, located in Kuopio, is the only entity in Finland that has a statutory mandate for preparedness training and unique expertise and research in the rescue sector. Kuopio area is also home to businesses and official organizations that are important to the security of supply for the entire country.

– Considering the perspective of the citizens, helping in mental crisis resilience, and enhancing issues of social peace are natural activities for the city organization. The key actors here are the nonprofit organizations and the city with its services and communication, continues Soile Lahti.

A preparatory group has been established and the city is starting a preliminary investigation

Mayor Soile Lahti has established a working group preparing a comprehensive safety competence center. The following professionals have been invited as members of the group:

  • Rector Jukka Mönkkönen, University of Eastern Finland,
  • Rector Mervi Vidgren, Savonia UAS,
  • Rector Mervi Parviainen, Emergency Services Academy Finland,
  • Director of regional development, act. regional director Satu Vehreävesa, The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo,
  • CEO Kaija Savolainen, Kuopio Chamber of Commerce,
  • CEO Paula Aikio-Tallgren, Savon yrittäjät (regional advocacy for small and medium entrepreneurs),
  • Marketing director Kirsi Soininen, the City of Kuopio,
  • Strategy director Sirpa Lätti-Hyvönen, the City of Kuopio, and
  • Director of Business Development Services Jukka Pitkänen, the City of Kuopio.

In addition, the group hears experts from different areas. Kuopio invites other domestic and international actors to take part in the work, too.

In the first stage, the City of Kuopio will launch a preliminary investigation related to the topic, which will clarify e.g., modes of operation and cooperation networks. At the same time, The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo, is starting a three-year safety cluster project. Business activities, training, know-how and national cooperation, which are central to the area’s comprehensive safety and security of supply, are gathered into a functional network. These preparations work in close cooperation.