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Measures taken due to the Coronavirus outbreak


On 16 March 2020, the Government decided on additional measures to address the coronavirus outbreak in Finland. The aim of the measures is to protect the population and to safeguard the functioning of society and the economy. The measures will be in force until 13 April 2020. The Government has announced, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, that there is a state of emergency in the country as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Effects for Business Kuopio’s operations

The employees of the City of Kuopio’s Business Development Services will assist and advise companies in need during these exceptional times; for example, in applying for subsidies from the state’s additional funding package and, if necessary, in contacting the Regional Council of Northern Savo, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finnvera, Business Finland and business organizations.

Starting from Tuesday 17.3. public gatherings are limited to no more than ten persons, and it is recommend to avoid spending unnecessary time in public places. Restrictions apply until 13.4. Events and occasions of Business Kuopio will be cancelled/postponed case-by-case. In addition, workshops and meetings will be arranged online with remote connections whenever possible. Instructions and further information will be sent to participants personally.

(Businees Kuopio’s events also include the events organized by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in North Savo. The regional association of North Savo is planning to organize some of their events virtually or online.)

The employees of the city of Kuopio’s Business Development Services will mainly be working remotely during the exceptional circumstances.

Remember your local businesses

Now, during these exceptional times, it is important to think about what we could do to help our local businesses to stay in business. Here’s a few tips: Buy gift cards, order lunch in, shop online, exercise and use remote coaching services etc.

Many businesses have launched various campaigns; they offer for example food deliveries and remote exercise services. It is good to use these services and support our local businesses by doing so.

Additional information for businesses on the Coronavirus situation:

The best way to avoid a coronavirus infection, as well as any virus infection, is to practice regular hand washing and to cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.